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Occupational Health

Work Injury

Professional care for injured workers, claims support for employers.

Drug Screening

Prompt, professional, customizable screening options to promote a safe workplace


DOT and pre-employment physicals available by appointment

Employer Services

Vaccinations, TB testing, Respirator FIT testing, Audiometry, and more

Occupational Health Medford

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Occupational Health

Valley Immediate Care works with Southern Oregon businesses to encourage employer input and involvement. We believe this exchange of information is essential to returning an injured worker to regular duties as early as possible. Our Occupational Health Specialists create custom communication protocols to accommodate your company’s unique needs and streamline the treatment reporting process. Regular communication with our medical staff ensures paperwork is current with the latest patient treatment information. Our Occupational Health Specialists can assist with translating medical diagnoses and procedure codes into more familiar terms.

First report of injury?

We have access to care 7 days a week at our Urgent Care facilities located throughout Southern Oregon to avoid delay in evaluation and management of your injured workers. Following initial care of the acute injury, we offer seamless transition to our Occupational Health Specialists to ensure continuity of care and management of the claim.

Returned injured worker?

There are many different levels of severity when it comes to work injuries. Some injuries require one or two visits prior to resolution and some require are significantly more complex, requiring months to resolve or leaving lifelong changes in functional capacity. We’ve worked closely for years with SAIF and Majoris and are experienced with these complicated types of claims managed by a managed care organization.

Occupational Health Resources

We have many resources to help navigate the complexities of Workers’ Compensation claims as well as creating and managing a functional program to help keep your employees safe. We offer help creating drug testing protocols and can perform pre employment physicals and FIT testing to ensure your employee’s PPE functions appropriately.

Valley Occupational Health Drug and Alcohol Testing

Valley Occupational Health offers drug and breath alcohol testing at a convenient testing site located in Medford near the South Medford Walmart. Like you, Valley Occupational Health is committed to providing a healthful workplace. Quick turn-around enables employers to make decisions in a timely manner.

Employer Services

Valley Immediate Care offers services ranging from pre-employment physicals and drug testing to post-accident care. Our South Medford Drug Screen Office is open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm with a focus strictly on Occupational Health Services. We perform drug screening on a walk in basis and have scheduled appointments available for physicals and our other occupational health services. Let us know how we can help your business grow and be the best it can be!