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Click VIC Online Check-In System!

With Click VIC, you can wait to see the doctor at home, at the office or anywhere you have a computer and phone. So why wait in the Valley Immediate Care lobby when you can Click VIC and Wait In Your Comfort Zone! Simply fill out a registration form and submit it to Valley Immediate Care. Within 15 minutes a Valley Immediate Care receptionist will call you to confirm receipt of your registration form and inform you of your estimated wait time. Once an exam room is ready for you, we will call you again and advise you to head to our clinic.

Please dial 911 if you have any emergency such as chest pains, uncontrolled bleeding, opened fractures, poisoning, constant vomiting, serious breathing problems, or any situation you deem life or limb threatening. Online check-in is NOT for emergency treatment. Valley Immediate Care is not a substitute for hospital care in emergency situations. If you are experiencing any of these conditions please dial 911 immediately.

When using Valley Immediate Care’s Click VIC Online Check-In System:

  • At Valley Immediate Care, most insurance companies are welcome so please remember to bring your insurance card and photo identification. Your co-pay or deductible amount is determined by your employer and insurance plan. Upon receipt of your registration forms, our staff will attempt to confirm this amount so your costs are known before treatment.
  • If you are a self paying patient, an average office visit for a new patient is estimated to be between $192 and $298. An average office visit for an established patient is estimated at between $154 and $229. Prices may go up or down depending on the detail of your visit. This estimate does not include lab, x-ray, medications, or supplies. Payment is due at the time of service.
  • Valley Immediate Care clinics are open late, seven days a week, 365 days per year! To ensure each patient's medical needs are addressed within a timely manner, our Click VIC Online Check-In System will be disabled an hour prior to closing and will remain disabled until business hours resume the next day.
  • Once we call you to come to the clinic, you should leave for the clinic right away to ensure your spot in line.
  • Click VIC is not to be used for services which do not require a physician such as drug screens and flu shots.

Patient Registration

Simply fill out the Patient Registration Form for the appropriate clinic location and click submit! You will receive a "Confirmation of Submission" message with further instructions. If you do not, please review your patient registration form, ensure all required information has been entered and resubmit your registration form. If once again you do not receive a "Confirmation of Submission" message, please contact our office at 541-734-9030.

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Ashland Clinic Registration Form

Grants Pass Clinic Registration Form

North Medford Clinic Registration Form

South Medford Clinic Registration Form