SculpSure body contouring


A Smarter Way to Sculpt

SculpSureTM is the latest and most advanced technology in the field of Body Sculpting. Using specially designed 1060nm diode lasers to target and raise the temperature of subcutaneous fat cells without affecting the cells of the overlying skin structures, SculpSure treatments are able to achieve 24% reduction in fat volumes at the treated area in three months with one singular treatment! Treatment is fast, comfortable, safe, and efficient with treatment lasting only 25 minutes per session. Following the treatments patients are able to immediately resume their acitivities of daily living with no residual pain, and no downtime.

How It Works

Fat Deposits

As we age, most of us develop increased fat deposits. Even with diligent diet and exercise, most of us deal with stubborn pockets of fat that are difficult to get rid of. In the past, removal of these deposits required risky, painful, and invasive procedures. Sculpsure’s advanced laser technology allows for quick, safe, and efficient reduction of these areas in as little as 25 minutes!

Technologically Advanced

SculpSure’s advanced laser technology targets subcutaneous fat without affecting the surface skin structures above, leaving almost no evidence of having the treatment afterwards. No bruising, no suction distortion of the tissues requiring painful post procedure massage to alleviate “butterstick” deformity caused by other sculpting technologies, and no residual numbness.

Fat Cell Destruction

The diffuse nature of the laser treatment heating the fat cells greatly minimizes the risk of uneven appearance of the tissues following treatment. Best of all, as opposed to diet and exercise, the fat cells are destroyed permanently not just reduced in size. With up to 24% reduction of fat in the first 3 cm of the area treated, it is fast and effective, without the risks of typical invasive procedures.

Rapid Results

With SculpSure, patients see rapid results in as little as 2 weeks and peak results in 2-3 months. The procedure is nearly painless, and there is zero downtime, you are able to resume normal life immediately following the procedure! No other treatment is as fast, easy, or efficient as SculpSure for your body sculpting needs!

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